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121 Broadway
Cambridge, Massachusetts

The residences at 121 Broadway are in a new, modern, multi-family building, in the Kendall Square area of Cambridge. The most striking feature of the building at the street-level is the extensive Front Porch, a wood deck that wraps around the corner of the building and invites residents and their guests to sit and relax. A public space that offers respite to passers-by, the Porch includes a seasonal water fountain that slides out from under the deck, creating a small oasis in the city, as well as tables and chairs, and shade trees. Community benches line the edges of the open space and function as mini-meeting spaces and lunchtime eating spots. Generous sidewalks and additional bike parking along the street make for the type of pedestrian experience  that people have come to expect in Kendall Square.

ARCHITECT:               STANTEC

CIVIL:                           VHB



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