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180 CityPoint

Waltham, Massachusetts

This project, located on the Route 128 corridor, an area burgeoning with demand for new space for research and development companies in the life sciences. has a high perch on the side of a rocky cliff looking West, towards Lincoln MA. Working with Stantec architects on this tight site, the best location for outdoor amenity spaces proved to be on the enormous roof of the adjacent parking garage , where these views can be capitalized on, and LEED objectives can be supported.

LEMON BROOKE designed a compact, raised deck, surrounded by a deep band of planting, primarily from a native palette. The deck is connected to the main door by a bridge, offering a sense of separation and escape from the building itself and bringing the space closer to the edge of the roof. An overhead shade structure creates comfort in the summer months and a sense of enclosure on the otherwise very open site.  The remaining area of the extensive green roof is planted to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to those looking down from above.




ARCHITECT:               STANTEC


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