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Kendall Square Roof Garden 

Cambridge, Massachusetts 

The Kendall garage roof, located squarely in the heart of Cambridge, has seen many iterations over the past four decades, with several  important and talented designers building the layers upon which this LEMON BROOKE version has been built. Our version is reflective of the value that open space has in an urban environment and is likely the most functional roof garden the community has ever enjoyed. Once a hidden gem, it is now a hub of neighborhood activity, thanks in part to the active programming managed by the property owner.  The project at 325 Main Street, includes this beloved public space as well as significant upgrades to the two-story retail edge along its west side, and the existing MBTA Outbound Headhouse. A vital new pedestrian connection, or Social Stair, connects Kendall Plaza to the Kendall Square Rooftop Garden, facilitating public access and enhancing visual and physical connections between these two important public spaces. These improvements augment Kendall Plaza’s multi-variant roles as an important hub of activity, a neighborhood connector and a key transportation access point.



DEVELOPER:                           BOSTON PROPERTIES



CIVIL:                                        VHB

SCULPTURES:                        CREATIVE MACHINES

YEAR COMPLETE:                  2022


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