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Branson School

Ross, California

Nestled in the heart of Marin County, this 17-acre private high school campus expanded its facilities by adding new music and visual arts buildings on the upper campus and a new student commons building on the lower campus.  The design strategy for the associated open spaces focused on retaining the existing mature landscape, developing flexible gathering areas for students, and creating improved pedestrian and vehicular circulation.

The courtyard for the Music and Arts buildings was designed as a place for students to use for classroom assignments, social hours, and project presentations.  The area incorporates permanent seat walls, a crushed stone area, and concrete presentation pad. The Commons Building entry creates a campus quad space with a grand lawn flanked by pedestrian circulation and concrete seat walls.


Client:                                        The Branson School

Architect:                                  Turnbull Griffin and Haesloop Architects 

Year Completed:                      2011


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