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Brookline High School

Brookline, Massachusetts

Tasked with unifying disparate buildings across a third of a mile, MBTA tracks, and an urban road network, LEMON BROOKE created a safe, student-centered, coherent campus with a limited palette.  The sidewalk has been widened to provide a safe, continuous corridor between the buildings.  Street furnishings are durable yet warm to the touch and arranged to provide resting spots in the flow of daily life.   Plantings complete the sense of continuity, tying one end of the campus to the other.  Several highlights include a renovation of the historic Quad, a welcoming southeast facing grand stair, and a new pedestrian plaza that acts as an outdoor lounge for students as well as a waiting room for the Brookline Hills MBTA station.




Client:            Brookline High School

Civil:               Nitche Engineering

Architect:      William Rawn and Associates


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