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Jim Hellinger, Senior Associate


Jim brings twenty plus years of experience to the profession of Landscape Architecture. His focus is in in the construction of site infrastructure, architectural and horticulture components of a project. His career has taken him down many paths and has granted him experiences throughout the nation and globally working alongside some world-famous artists, landscape architects and architects.  One of the more interesting aspects of his experience include the arrangement of plant materials into a dynamic living sculpture.


Raised in the great lakes states before coming to age in Southern California Jim’s interest in the outdoors and nature are paramount in his life. He turned this passion into a career in landscape architecture. This path has allowed him to develop his love of plants and the construction of the built environment. Jim’s attention to detail and its execution brings a sense of contentment and solace to the experience and enjoyment of place. Through this commitment he endeavors to bring resiliency and sustainability into the built environment.


While not in the office he spends time with his son, enjoying the lake, the woods and swimming in anticipation for the next surfing or skiing trip.

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