Dongqi Zhang, Designer


A landscape designer with a life-altering journey through the US, China and the UK, Dongqi enjoys the advantages of a wide educational and cultural background.  Focused on landscape function and relationships across cultures, urban systems and communities, she believes landscape is a medium to bring a resilient, re-defined and re-imagined sense of nature into the urban realm. 

Dongqi holds both a BLA from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she received the American Society of Landscape Architect’s Student Award, and an MLA from Rhode Island School of Design. During her graduate studies, Dongqi’s research interests focused on the investigation of potential synergistic overlaps between technology such as virtual reality, with landscape architecture, and how it could be applied to improving resiliency in the urban environment. In her professional practice, she works on a variety of projects at a wide range of scales.

In her free time, Dongqi enjoys exploring and recording every corner of the city. She believes these experiences help her to create a better understanding of how people engage with their physical environments and surroundings.