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Discovery Museum and Discovery Woods 

Acton, MA 

The Discovery Museum is a Massachusetts cultural institution that is revered locally and well-known regionally, having served several generations of children and their families with a hands-on science and creativity based program. In the midst of an overhaul of their interior spaces, the prominence of their outdoor resources and its ability to contribute to the teaching mission of the museum became clear. LEMON BROOKE was brought on board to reconfigure the site, design additional exhibition/adventure/creativity zones, and develop an accessibility narrative for the facility.


Situated on a steep hillside, universal accessibility was always a challenge, and has become one of the driving forces behind the renovations both in the architecture and the landscape, earning an award from the Massachusetts Cultural Council for Accessibility in 2017. Today it serves more visitors of all abilities than ever before with programs and exhibits that are geared towards young learners and their families.





CLIENT:                                       THE DISCOVERY MUSEUM

ARCHITECT:                               CAMBRIDGE 7

CIVIL ENGINEER:                       MEISNER BREM



YEAR COMPLETED:                  2017


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