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Frost Terrace

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Not more than a few short blocks from the Porter Square T station, Frost Terrace is a 100% affordable housing project. Located in a neighborhood not known for affordability as much as for the shops and buildings of Lesley University along Mass. Ave., it is an important part of the City of Cambridge's plan to build housing for a burgeoning population in an already dense and expensive part of the city.

The design team included LEMON BROOKE, Bruner Cott Architects and BCA Engineers, all of whom have striven to create a place that any one of our families would be excited to live. A few of the features that make this project unique is the retention and renovation of three existing and historic structures already on the site, as well as an old and large oak tree at the center of the property. Carefully woven into the spaces between these buildings is a new structure with additional housing, pedestrian spaces for active and passive activities, a fire lane and accessible parking. 




Client/Developer::          Capstone Communities/Hope Real Estate Enterprises

Project Architect:            Bruner Cott Associates

Photos:                              Robert Benson

Year Complete:                2020/21


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