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Georgia Institute of Technology

Atlanta, Georgia

Over a period of almost two years, the Georgia Institute of Technology, located in the urban heart of Atlanta, GA, has undertaken the intricate task of a self-evaluation with the goal of creating an ADA Transition Plan. As a research University that is ‘committed to improving the human condition through advanced science and technology’, it should be no surprise that Georgia Tech’s  obligation to create a campus that removes barriers to access for individuals with a disability, is also an enduring priority.

LEMON BROOKE spear-headed a skilled ten-person team from the Institute for Human Centered Design, dedicated to the task of surveying and mapping the entire 400 acre campus landscape. The goal of locating, categorizing, mapping and assimilating information on non-compliant conditions was a high bar, reached with the persistence of this team of knowledgeable surveyors. The collected data was managed in both visual ( maps), and written form, (a full accessibility report), with an up to date pedestrian Access  Map created for the University, the  first tool for the campus planning office’s efforts to plan future years capital improvements budgets.





Client:                                        Georgia Institute of Technology

Accessibility Consultant:        Institute for Human Centered Design

Completed:                               2018


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