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Greely Park 

Nashua, New Hampshire 

Tucked into the base of a gentle slope, in the heart of the historic center of Nashua, NH, this play space is designed to accommodate users of all abilities. The 19th century context of the immediate surroundings of Greeley Park give the impression of a pastoral retreat during the week but come the weekend, the site is teeming with tennis, soccer and baseball players, making this playspace a highly functional addition to the Park.

Play features selected are a varied combination of catalogue and custom built pieces and maximize users exposure to various sensory experiences. A shaded cherry tree allee at the rear of the site provides a place for more passive recreation and buffers the local residential neighborhood, while a birch tree grove in the foreground creates an environment for climbing and sliding.





Client:                                           City of Nashua, NH

Accessibility Consultant:           Institute for Human Centered Design

Completed:                                  2014


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