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Groton School

Groton, Massachusetts

Founded in 1884 by an Episcopal priest, the Groton School is a private institution in eastern Massachusetts, that prepares students in grades 8-12 for the “active work of life.” A recent renovation by Shepley Bulfinch architects of the Schoolhouse, the primary academic building at Groton, set the stage to turn attention to the peripheral spaces on campus that make up the fine grain of the campus experience for faculty and students. The intermingling of academic life, personal life, community life and spiritual life create a diverse and varied set of benefits and challenges for campus citizens.

LEMON BROOKE is now involved in a series of discreet landscape renovations on campus that each work to allow these varied aspects of campus life to coexist seamlessly and without spectacle. Aesthetic and horticultural traditions, as well as the functionality and long term maintenance strategy of campus spaces are being balanced with current concerns about climate change, resource management and institutional development, as the campus looks to the future. Current projects at the school include landscapes associated with new dormitory space, office space, faculty housing and circulation around the athletics facilities.





Client:                                        The Groton School

Year Completed:                      2018


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