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Hayden Research Campus

Lexington, MA

The Hayden Green project added approximately 216,000 SF of lab and office space without increasing the development footprint of  the existing campus.  New construction occurred within the footprints of large existing paved parking lots, ostensibly a brownfield site development, and resulted in a net reduction of approximately 0.7 acres of impervious surface area. Previous surface parking had encroached to within feet of an existing multi-segment stream channel system – the outlet to a large wetland and town conservation parcel including Hardy’s Pond Brook east of the campus.


Earlier enabling work addressed areas of stream day-lighting, culvert replacement and associated restoration activities, and invasive species management, resulting in enhanced wildlife habitat and improved flow characteristics throughout the stream corridor.  Redevelopment of the asphalt paved lots provided greatly increased area for infiltration and slow-release into the stream channel via a system of proprietary water quality structures and underground detention and groundwater recharge systems, significantly improving discharge rates and quality of run-off toward receiving wetland and stream channel resource areas relative to pre-project conditions.


A central pedestrian circulation spine between the existing campus, new building, and new parking garage was established crossing over the buffers and stream corridor using an elevated pedestrian boardwalk.  Plantings throughout the project were limited to species native to the county location, used in both naturalistic and more formal planting schemes to create various pleasing outdoor spaces while respecting the fragile natural landscape surrounding the campus.



ARCHITECT:                         PERKINS + WILL

CIVIL:                                     HIGHPOINT ENGINEERING

YEAR COMPLETED:            2020


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