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Hertz Headquarters

Estero, Florida

This LEED Gold global headquarters project aims to continue building the Hertz brand through innovation and interaction. A clean, crisp, and simple design aesthetic defines the building and continues into the landscape core. A bold graphic approach to the landscape was taken to be a counterpoint to the all-white building and provide a memorable experience for visitors. The central courtyard provides a shaded sanctuary for a lunchtime use and other programmed activities. The center of the entry plaza is marked by a sculptural “wow ramp” displaying cars throughout the year. The alternating bands of light and dark colored paving, synthetic lawn bands and live oak trees reinforce the concentric rings of the design. Many parts of the design are composed of permeable paving and roof rainwater is captured in rain gardens for irrigation.



CLIENT:                                 HERTZ CORPORATION

ARCHITECT:                         GENSLER

YEAR COMPLETE:               2015


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