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Lexington Residence 

Lexington, Massachusetts 

Tucked into a traditional neighborhood, this contemporary family residence quietly sets itself apart, both aesthetically and functionally. Designed by ZED, Zero Energy Design, the building is extraordinarily energy efficient, surrounded by mature trees and adapted to the flexible life of an international family with young children.

LEMON BROOKE designed an equally purposeful landscape that reflects a sensitivity to detail and material, treating the landscape immediately around the home as domestic space, or ‘barefoot’ space, keeping ever-present the role that the house plays in moderating the environment for its occupants. The design capitalizes on specific views from key places in the home, namely the places that encourage lingering, like the kitchen sink, the dining area and the master bedroom, making meaningful connections to the outdoors from life on the inside.

A stunning heritage oak on the property required meticulous attention to the grading, drainage and water delivery systems on the site and was reflective of the kind of careful efficiencies taken in the building to insure the oak and the humans that enjoy it, would have a healthy future.




CLIENT:                                       Home Owners

ARCHITECT:                               Zero-Energy Design


YEAR COMPLETED:                  2018

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