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Merk Research and Development Headquarters 
Beijing, China

Merk and Co., otherwise known as MSD outside of the US, is a global pharmaceuticals company that produce prescription medicines and vaccines that are household names. With corporate headquarters in New Jersey, the company needed a research and development hub in Asia, settling on a Beijing location. LEMON BROOKE, working with Gensler out of San Francisco, developed a landscape approach to the building that would incorporate the sensory and phenomenological aspects of the site as much as possible. Working in a lab facility can be isolating and necessarily devoid or any and all exterior influences, requiring long stretches of time spent indoors. The design goal was to elevate the repetitive, 'walk-to-the-office' to a more meaningful experience and create opportunities to appreciate the subtle and changing aspects created in the natural environment, even in a the urban context of one of the busiest and most crowded cities on earth.



DEVELOPER:                         Hines

DESIGN ARCHITECT:           Gensler San Francisco

YEAR COMPLETE:                2016

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