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The Montshire Museum of Science 

Norwich, Vermont 

The Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich VT is a nationally recognized, hands-on science museum with a mission squarely focused on bringing the joy of science to all. The unique 110 acre riverfront setting includes outdoor exhibits, scenic trails, water features in David Goudy Science Park, as well as the Hughes Pavilion, and serves a local and wide regional audience.

LEMON BROOKE, in collaboration with the Montshire staff and leadership, developed an over-arching strategy for conceptualizing the large and varied site as a series of neighborhoods, each with their own set of interesting and unique characteristics that can inform and organize current and future exhibits and interventions. Thinking about the 100-acre site as a museum itself, three spaces that had the most potential for immediate impact were chosen to illustrate the masterplan at the exhibit scale. Many of the challenges that were identified during the masterplan process were addressed in the case studies with ideas about wayfinding, visitor pacing and access, engaging with what the riverfront offers, human comforts like shade and seating, and connectivity across long distances. The Masterplan sets the stage for the next chapter in the story of a museum ready to take-on the outdoors and capitalize on the assets it already owns.





CLIENT:                                       THE MONTSHIRE MUSEUM OF SCIENCE

YEAR COMPLETED:                  2017


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