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Moses Brown School
Providence, RI

Moses Brown School was founded over 235 years ago and is a beacon of the academic excellence in Quaker education across the United States. The leafy, 33 acre campus sits in the heart of Providence, RI and draws students from the region for pre-primary through 12th grade education. Starting with the renovation of the Lower School’s two playgrounds, the project scope grew to also include areas that support athletics and the school’s alumni. As such, the project creates a once-in-a-generation opportunity to re-examine the Eastern side of the campus as a whole and bring the facilities up to date with current technology and access expectations.

Working closely with DEC Consulting to organize this big project around the tight schedule restrictions of the school year, LEMON BROOKE met with teaching and administrative staff early in the process to understand priorities and  outline a pedagogical approach that would fit well within the values of the Friends School and accommodate their robust athletics programs.

Much of the project’s design direction stems from the idea of a garden, one that draws community and stewardship unto itself and brings a different kind of order to the campus than expected in the shadow of historic, traditional academic buildings. Education, like water, flows and carries the seeds of the future with it. This landscape is meant to nurture the students and faculty and parents that come to Moses Brown, ready to sow their seeds.



CLIENT:                                                              Moses Brown School

PROJECT MANAGER:                                      DEC Consulting Company, LLC  



ARCHITECT FOR PRESS BOX:                       Branch Architects, LLC

PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT:                         KOMPAN,INC

CONTRACTOR(S):                                            TBD

YEAR COMPLETED:                                         Projected 2023


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