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Newton Residence 

Newton, Massachusetts 

This beautiful, brick home was undergoing an expansion that was quite modest from the outside, but brought bigger changes with more light, space and air to the inside. It became important that the views from these new, (and old) windows were focused on areas of the landscape that would bring joy, color, a feeling of nature and offer some privacy from the nearby neighbors.

With a plant-savvy client on board, LEMON BROOKE modified the lawn only slightly, putting energy instead into an intense perennial garden that traced the driveway from the sidewalk edge to the rear of the site, a route the homeowner would traverse most days. The construction of the addition meant that the overall grade on one side of the house needed to be raised and a stone wall was built that also concealed the new air handling units from the street. Strategically placed trees that offer something to consider in each season and create a sense of continuity from the inside of the home.




CLIENT:                                Home Owner

Architect:                             Will Rhul Architect

Landscape Contractor:     Bonadio and Sons

YEAR COMPLETED:           2019


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