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The Orchard House 

Concord, Massachusetts 

The Orchard House in Concord MA is a local, national, and even international treasure, as it is the family home of Branson Alcott and his family, of which his daughter Louisa May is arguably the most famous. Fans of her writing and in particular of her novel Little Women, visit the property annually, which is the setting of much of the novel and more than one major motion picture based on the narrative. As such, the site which is now a museum, supports thousands of tourists, classes of school children and locals alike with programmed and casual events.

LEMON BROOKE was tapped to analyze and redesign the site to ensure that it is not only accessible to all visitors, but that new programs and visitor experiences in the School of Philosophy building could also be included on a regular basis. Given the historic nature of the site and the buildings, much care was taken to identify, elevate and protect areas of the site with historic significance, while allowing for an expanded experience of all the site has to offer to visitors that are both serious literary buffs and casual companions. Materials and planting strategies were discussed with the Orchard House team and implemented in phases with attention to both era appropriate form, function, and durability.




Client:                           The Orchard House

Contractor:                  Old Village Landscape


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