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Penn State University Theater

College Station, Pennsylvania

The construction of this new 400 seat recital hall located in the center of the music and theater district of campus provided an opportunity to create a flexible, adjacent open space central to all students, but especially to those involved with the performance arts.  Part garden, part plaza, the open space exists at two levels, with the upper terrace directly off of the new recital hall lobby and the lower plaza, across from the existing theater. The two levels are separated by 4 feet of grade change and presented a challenge in how to unify the open space. A series of sculptural seating terraces were developed to accommodate outdoor learning opportunities, outdoor performances, casual seating, people watching etc., and a gentle ramp was integrated for access. The materials are of the campus vocabulary but detailed to respond to the new recital hall. Planting is composed of mostly native vegetation requiring little to no irrigation. Storm water is captured in planters and crushed stone areas for detention and slow-release, improving the overall run-off quality.




Client:                                PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY

Architect:                          WILLIAM RAWN ASSOCIATES


Civil Engineer:                  STAHL SHEAFFER

Photography:                   ROBERT BENSON PHOTOGRAPHY

Completed:                      2018


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