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Really great DESIGN achieves its goal without using extra resources, energy or time, and brings maximum delight with a sense of order and comfort.  We relish elegant solutions to complicated problems. Being practical means that nothing is wasted, and creative energy is directed squarely at surprising and sustainable solutions that inspire and create value.


If DIVERSITY in the human condition is an accepted rule, then it is the design of the built environment that makes living hard for some and not for others. As purveyors of design, most often in the public realm, we're working hard to level the playing field. We know that accessibility is so much more than a set of required benchmarks. It is a design mandate that can elevate aesthetics and benefits everyone.


Humans are happy when they are healthy. GREEN is good for the souls of all ages. Designed landscape spaces are an opportunity to bring the well-being of people and the planet closer together. We actively work in the wild and weedy spaces that humans occupy to make them more comfortable, engaging, and restorative - for both the humans and the environment.


Landscape has the power to inspire, comfort, TEACH and sustain us. Because our attitudes are reflections of our lived experience, we relish the opportunity to use design as a force for shaping our collective encounters with the natural world in a way that inspires curiosity, joy and stewardship of our environment and our home.

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