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Siqiao Zhao, Designer

Siqiao pic_edited.jpg

Siqiao is drawn to designed spaces that support the well-being of both humans and the environment. She is specifically interested in urban ecology and the role that people play in shaping their spaces in less than ideal "natural' environments.

Siqiao has a landscape design background, having grown up and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Beijing, prior to moving to New England. After receiving her Masters of Landscape Architecture Degree at RISD, Siqiao joined LemonBrooke in 2023.


Before joining Lemon Brooke, Siqiao volunteered with TAASI East on a design proposal for a Buddhist temple in New England. She also interned with Terrain Work, where she worked on residential projects and museums.

In her free time, Siqiao appreciates spending time in the outdoors, hiking and photography. At home, she can be found exploring hand crafts, painting and trying new recipes.

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